My life’s a mess!

Hey Everybody!

I don’t think anyone is actually reading this but if you are, cool!


I posted the other day about how all these bloggers seem to have their lives together I most definately do not! Wanna see how not together I am? Let me show you my room. I’m gonna post before and after pictures just so you can see I did clean! It was just a rough week of a lot of papers and homework due so I usually just came home and threw everything on the floor and called it a day!

So finally yesterday I was able to FINALLY clean! it ttok me forever but I did it. it literally took me like 2 days to clean everything but now my room looks so nice!

I hope it stays clean but with finals coming up, it probabl won’t!


I see popular bloggers and I think wow!

They all look like they have their lives so together! Now let me tell you, that is not going to be me. If you could see the state of my room, you would gag. Maybe Ill post pictures haha