I promise I’m gonna do the “What’s in my backpack: College”!

But my backpack is pretty dirty so I’m gonna wash it first lol

On that note, my mom (well me mostly) made our own laundry detergent because she saw it on Pinterest somewhere and let me tell you that shit is awesome! It smells so good and cleans really well. I wear white shirts to work and get make up on the collar and it did a better job of getting that ish out than any other detergent. I’ll find the pin we used and post it


Ok I finally did it! Here’s some of the first part of my trip: Washington DC

My family and I planned this trip to follow the Dodgers. Our ultimate goal is to watch a basebal game in every stadium (whether or not the Dodgers are playing). We started off in Washington DC to watch them play the Nationals. Unfortunately we didn’t spend a lot of time there. We were a big group of 10! We stayed in a really nice AirBnB so there was room for all of us. We did have 3 little kids with us (1,3,and 5) but they’re cute. We got a 24 hour hop on-hop off bus pass which was really helpful in getting around town. Nothing is really more than about 5 miles away but there are a lot of one-way streets. We also used Uber a lot to get around.


We hit all the usual stops: White House, Capitol Building, Libraries of Congress. We also went to the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Memorial (Hello Hamilton lyrics!)

The weather was pretty gross. Mostly in the 90’s but it was soooooo humid! Being from Southern California, we had a hard time dealing with that. Our hair was mostly up and we used a lot of make up setting spray so that it didn’t go to waste.


I’m so lazy! 

I’ve been home from my trip for 2 weeks now and I haven’t even gone through all my pictures yet. I keep meaning to so I can make some posts about my big summer trip but … I’ve been too busy watching Shameless 🙂 

My trip to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico

I just came back from a very short getaway to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico. Puerto Nuevo is a little town in Baja California just past Rosarito Beach. My mom and I decided to take a road trip out there and spend a few days relaxing and eating tacos.


We took the scenic route

We stayed at Puerto Nuevo Baja, Hotel & Villas for 4 days.


Our “Garden” view

This was our view. Our room was advertised as a “Garden View” but we ended up having a beautiful view of the ocean and the pool area.

We did spend 4th of July here which was a change for us since we usually do a family thing. there was obviously no big 4th of July celebration but we did get to see a beautiful equestrian show that included charros and folklorico dancers.


The beautiful dancers


The riders representing their flags


The resort was beautiful but we did not have any beach access or AC. The AC was fine because the air was cool and balmy at night so we really didn’t need it. The room had a ceiling fan that did the trick. However, having no beach access did kind of suck. We had to drive to Rosarito Beach to be able to go to the shore. The back of the resort does have a cliff that overlooks the ocean and the waves do crash there pretty hard so its a nice picture spot. IMG_1267IMG_1279


We ended up having a great time though. The sports bar hosted a singer for the weekend who took requests in Spanish and English. Their drink were delicious and relatively cheap.


A tamarindo flavored margarita and a mango chamoy margarita



I came back home very burnt (I burned while sitting in the shade. No joke) but happy to have spent time with my mama.

Now I have to get ready for my Washington D.C./St. Louis trip in 2 weeks!

My life’s a mess!

Hey Everybody!

I don’t think anyone is actually reading this but if you are, cool!


I posted the other day about how all these bloggers seem to have their lives together I most definately do not! Wanna see how not together I am? Let me show you my room. I’m gonna post before and after pictures just so you can see I did clean! It was just a rough week of a lot of papers and homework due so I usually just came home and threw everything on the floor and called it a day!

So finally yesterday I was able to FINALLY clean! it ttok me forever but I did it. it literally took me like 2 days to clean everything but now my room looks so nice!

I hope it stays clean but with finals coming up, it probabl won’t!